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Dennis Wallace: C.B.T.E

Dennis Wallace: C.B.T.E

30 Year TV Engineer

Having completed notifications to medical facilities of TV Channel changes many times for clients during the DTV transition, I know what a tedious and time consuming task it is to make sure that you are in compliance with the FCC requirements on your Construction Permit to notify medical facilities of your new TV channel and other transmitter information.   

So I’ve teamed up with some young computer programmers to get this task completed in the most efficient and simple manner possible.

With our service there is no searching multiple places to find several lists of all the medical facilities that you need to notify, figuring out which ones are within your coverage area, creating a list from those multiple sources, removing the duplicates, writing the letters, addressing the envelopes, stuffing the envelopes, carrying the boxes of letters to the Post Office and standing in line to get postage and mail them. This whole cumbersome process can take days or weeks to complete with internal station resources.

In addition to sending out all the required letters, we also provide all the documentation required for your FCC Public File in order to validate that you’ve complied with the FCC notification requirements.

And, the best part is this an eligible expense and is reimbursable by the FCC as part of the FCC Repack Reimbursement process.  

Why lick all those envelopes when someone else will do it for you!?

Mr. Wallace is a Senior Member and Certified Broadcast Television Engineer by the Society of Broadcast Engineers, he is also an Associate Member of the Federal Communications Bar Association, and is an Associate Member of AFCCE.  He has extensive experience with RF Interference issues and mitigation as well as decades of Broadcast Television transmission system design and installation experience.

We also provide all documents for your public file.


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