MVPD Notification Service.

Comply with the FCC requirements the easy way!

As stations start making their facility changes to begin channel-sharing, go off the air, or move to their new post-repack channels, notifying the cable and satellite (Multichannel Video Program Distributors or MVPD’s) providers of your stations new RF channel is required by the FCC.

This process can be complicated and tedious for stations. Our new MVPD Notification service provides these FCC-required notifications without the hassle of the research required as well as trips to the post office and standing in that post office line (remember the line at Christmas when you swore you’d never do that again.)

The MVPD Notification system will allow you to accomplish this tedious task in minutes instead of weeks using our convenient on-line web-based system. You’ll be free to focus on important tasks like installing that new antenna or transmitter or setting up the required PSIP changes instead of mailing letters to MVPD providers.

MVPD Notificatoin will research your station and the MVPD’s which carry your station, determine the correct corporate address as required by FCC, and mail the appropriate notification letters with all the FCC-required information to the MVPD’s carrying your stations’ signal.

Did you know that there are different deadlines for stations to send their MVPD notification letters depending upon the changes your station is making? MVPD Notification can guide you through the process to make sure your notification letters are sent in a timely manner and in accordance with the FCC requirements.

Let’s face it, in today’s lean operating environment, your technical and engineering resources are limited and your time is even more limited!

Let the experts at MVPD Notification do it for you, so you can concentrate on keeping the station running.

We contact each MVPD carrying your station’s signal and provide the required FCC notification information about the changes to your facilities these include:

(1) The date and time of any channel change;

(2) The pre-auction and post-auction channel assignments;

(3) The modification, if any, to the antenna position, location, or power levels of the station (including channel-sharing station parameters).

(4) The technical and engineering staff contact information should the MVPD provider have any technical issues.

Depending upon the type of change being made, stations are required to provide 90-day notice in some circumstances, and 30-day notice in other situations. Please contact us in advance to make sure we have the appropriate timing for your notifications.

It is important to note that should any of this information change during the station’s transition, an amended notification must be sent to MVPDs in the same form as the original notice (such as a change in the on-air date). Consequently, we will work with you should additional notifications be required due to changes in circumstances or schedules.

We utilize the FCC required MVPD Official Address as required by the FCC’s Post-Auction Procedures Public Notice. So, rest assured that the notifications will be sent to the required address.

By combining both Medical facility notifications and MVPD notifications in one service, we have truly streamlined the repacking notification process. This means you benefit with one-stop-shopping. And, rest assured that the Broadcast Engineers and other Professionals in our office will make sure all notifications are handled in a timely manner and with all the detailed information that is required by FCC.

Call or email us today for a quote on MVPD Notifications, DTV Medical Notifications, or save even more time by ordering both at the same time:

MVPD Terms of Service

(888) 244-0436 ext 1 or [email protected] or fill out the form below.

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