We know several of our clients have started applying for reimbursement. We have had a chance to work with the LMS on a couple of submissions and thought we would pass along a few things we learned. If you or your accountant hasn’t already done so, we would encourage you to read the attached guidelines document carefully.

One thing that might be a bit confusing is entering an invoice. What you will be doing is uploading a PDF scan of the invoice. As you do your first entry you will be asked to fill in information about the invoice such as date, number etc. If the invoice has multiple items that need to be broken out and tied to line items of your budget submission (e.g. antenna, transmission line, elbows) enter the total amount for the invoice in the box. Here is why you want to enter the total. Subsequent line items you are paying will begin with a screen that has a pull down box. You can select the invoice you uploaded earlier and all the data you entered, including the invoice total, will fill in automatically.

You then simply add the item you want to pay on the lower section of the screen choosing whether you want to pay a percentage of the total invoice or just a specific dollar amount.

For items that are on your invoice that are upgrades (i.e. you are paying for) they are asking you to submit a variance explanation sheet. An example is shown at the end of the guidelines document. I have attached an Word version I created for your convenience. After completing you may want to convert to PDF, although the system will accept document files.

The main thing is the “bottom line” so to speak. All of your entries you made against an invoice including the items listed on the variance explanation should total up to the invoice total. Otherwise, it may delay payment while the FCC accountants have to try and figure out why what was submitted doesn’t reconcile with the invoice.

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