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Benefits of using :

· Easy – One call does it all! We do all the hard work.

· Targeted – Eliminate wasted time and effort by ensuring that notifications are sent to the correct facilities.

· Cost Effective – Much cheaper than trying to do it yourself. (And, we’ll match any competitors quote!)

· Measurable – Know exactly how many facilities were notified.

· Time Saving – You can focus on building your repack station and leave this process to the experts.

· No burden on you – One less thing for you to think about.

· Set it and forget it – Sign up now and we’ll schedule your notifications to coincide with your repack phase assignment. You won’t have to remember to send them out.

Why set yourself up for potential liability during the FCC repack? Use our state-of-the-art notification system.


Minimize your potential liability and utilize the most cost-effective and accurate DTV Notification service for your station’s repack!

At we understand that accurate and reliable data is an absolute necessity when dealing with FCC required repack notifications. Our data is sourced by over 350 full-time researchers to ensure the accuracy of our notification data. In fact, our data is also used by the world’s foremost search engines and navigation systems!

We use a complex custom-built algorithm that combs through four verified databases to ensure accuracy. These databases are also updated frequently as well as being periodically cross-referenced with Google maps. Our software systems ensure that there are no duplicates which saves you time and reduces confusion of notification recipients if they were to receive multiple notices.

Finding the appropriate facilities to notify on your own is an extremely complicated and daunting task. Where do you look for the list of facilities? How do you know you identified all the facilities? How do you print and mail all those letters? How do you manage all of that while also operating your TV station and building out your repack facilities?

Our automated process reduces human error and assures the notification letters are sent accurately, they are deliverable, and on schedule to make sure you comply with FCC notification requirements.

Let the experts do all your repack notifications for you. At all we do is medical, MVPD and land-mobile notifications. This company was founded for the DTV repack and is totally focused on the repack. Every day we are laser-focused on one thing, making sure that your station meets its FCC obligation to provide all the required repack notifications for Medical, MVPD and Land-Mobile facilities.


Professional DTV and RF Signal Medical Facility Notification Service

By Experienced Broadcast Engineering Professionals

Welcome to DTV Notification, we are a team of broadcast television engineers and software development professionals that help TV stations notify medical facilities of changes to your station’s RF signals through strategic and geographical research. Our state of the art technology ensures that you get your changes to hospitals and other medical facilities. Many TV stations are being repacked to new RF channels as part of the FCC’s Incentive Auction and Television Band repacking. The FCC, as a special condition on your station’s construction permit, requires TV stations to notify medical facilities of your station’s new technical parameters in order to avoid any possible interference to medical equipment and telemetry operations. DTV notifications can provide your station with the appropriate required notification to medical facilities with our simple online form. Or, use your Concierge service and let us do all the hard work for you. DTV Notification does the hard work of finding the appropriate medical facilities, generating and mailing the letters, and we provide you with the needed FCC Public File documentation and License Application Exhibit information as required by the conditions on your station’s FCC Construction Permit. We utilize state of the art tools and databases to ensure we notify the appropriate medical facilities within your station’s coverage area while also ensuring compliance with the medical facility notification requirements of your Construction Permit. With over three decades of experience our lead Broadcast Television Engineer, Mr. Dennis Wallace, has executed many RF changes and medical facility notifications for TV stations over the years. You can be assured that your medical notifications are correct and sent in a timely manner.

Most Stations Get Reimbursed For The Required FCC Repack

How DTV Notification Works:

The FCC requires Digital TV Stations to notify medical facilities of any changes.

This is to avoid any possible interference to medical telemetry equipment. Read More

Notifying Medical facilities is simple with our DTV Notification service.

Give us your call sign & technical contact information. We find the rest of the information on the FCC LMS database.


You approve the letters and eSign the documents. We then mail hospitals & medical facilities.


The easy and simple way to meet the FCC’s obligation requirements for DTV Medical and MVPD notifications.

We’ll also provide the required documentation for your stations’ public file. Our service takes care of all the details of identifying the appropriate facilities, sending the required notifications, and providing you with the required documentation for the station public file.

Who do we send notifications to?

General medical and surgical hospitals, Psychiatric hospitals, Residential care, and Skilled nursing care facilities.

Simple, Easy, Fast and Verified

About us: DTV Notification has a team of TV engineers and computer programmers with over 55 years of combined experience in these fields. Our unique program to service television stations is state of the art and makes it extremely simple to stay compliant with your DTV repack requirements while TV stations focus on what they do best, running great television stations. With just a few minutes of your time, we can notify all hospitals and medical facilities of TV station’s complex radio frequency changes, making everyone’s life easier! With DTV Notification you can now sleep at night knowing that all your stations will be compliant with the FCC.

Dennis Wallace: C.B.T.E.

Dennis Wallace: C.B.T.E.

TV Engineer

I am the managing partner of the broadcast technical consulting firm of Meintel, Sgrignoli, & Wallace. Over my 30-year broadcast career, I have been extensively involved with the development of new broadcast technologies as well as Radio Frequency (RF) propagation and interference matters. I was involved with the Laboratory RF Testing of the Grand Alliance ATSC HDTV System, while serving as the RF Systems Engineer at the Advanced Television Test Center in Washington, DC. Prior to joining ATTC, I held positions in Field Operations Engineering, Applications Engineering, and was Product Manager for two Television transmitter manufacturers. Prior to my involvement in the transmitter business, I was employed as the chief engineer for several radio and television stations. I have authored several papers on the topic of Digital Television transmission and the results of testing of the DTV systems which have been published in the IEEE Transactions as well as for other publications. In 1999, I was awarded the prestigious Matti S. Suikola award by the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society. And, in 2008 I received the Technical Emmy plaque for my work while at the ATTC. I am a Certified Broadcast Television Engineer (C.B.T.E.) by the Society of Broadcast Engineers. I am also a member of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society, SMPTE, an Associate member of the Federal Communications Bar Association, and I am active on several industry standards committees including the ATSC.

Alex Grwynski

Alex Grwynski


I have worked in the programming field for 10 years and before that, I worked at Northern Arizona University operating the equipment for their Interactive Television classes. I have always loved programming and technology for as long as I can remember. Even in my spare time, I can never be separated from my computer. I have experience in database management, API integration, UI, UX and a long list of programming languages. I have developed Android, iPhone apps and consult for a radio station management software company.

Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy

Web Development

I have practiced web development, PPC and social media management for over 15 years. I currently run an international media communications software company that provides service to over 500 radio stations. Most of my time is spent studying user interface best practices and SEO for web development. I have three young kids that are already starting to code and have built their first applications before the age of 10. I see a bright future for people that embrace web technologies and with information at our fingertips means we are in for a fun ride!

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